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Difference Between Halloween and Other Festivals

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Difference Between Halloween and Other Festivals: Halloween is the festival celebrated to remember the martyrs, saints and all the departed souls. It is the festival celebrated to give tribute to the holy spirits and ancestors. It is celebrated by a number of countries across the world on 31st October every year. Every country has their way of celebrating this Festival.

During this fall season, many other festivals also fall but Halloween has great importance. Today, in this post we have shared some information about the differences between Halloween and other festivals that comes during the same fall and winter season.

So, here we go….

Differences Between Halloween and Christmas

Halloween and Christmas both are the biggest festivals celebrated in the different parts of the world with great enthusiasm. Both the holidays signifies that something happened in the past but despite this, there are several differences between Halloween and Christmas. Let’s see what they are-

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year around the world. Halloween is all about donning spooky clothes, candies, bonfire, trick or treating, carving a pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern and about having fun in a crazy way.

Some religions are against Halloween as they believe that this was the holiday to honor the dead but today people celebrate it as a fun festival. Some of the countries which celebrate this festival of ghosts are Latin America, Canada, Belgium, Mexico (Day of the dead), China, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Ireland etc.

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Talking about Christmas, it is a religious festival celebrated as the Birth anniversary of Jesus on 25th December of every year. It is all about getting dressed up in a best possible way, decorating houses, sharing gifts, meeting families and friends, prayers at church, and yes…..Santa, of course.

Halloween is the festival to celebrate the dead whereas Christmas is a festival of celebration of birth.

Difference between Halloween and Samhain

Halloween is a big secular and social celebration today. Samhain is believed to be the origin of Halloween from the Celtic culture. Samhain is marked as the beginning of Celtic New year. Halloween has now evolved to be more secular and commercial holidays.

Difference between Halloween and Saint Barbara

Halloween and Saint Barbara festivals are celebrated by two different cultures. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October to pay homage to the martyrs and dead. On the other side, Saint Barbara day also known as Eid El Barbara is an Arab Christian Holiday celebrated in the honor of a Christian Martyr Saint Barbara. It is celebrated on 4th December every year across the Levant. Saint Barbara Day is all about good food and children visit their neighbors wearing masks looking for treats. But it is not Halloween.

Difference between Halloween and Friday the 13th

Halloween is a festival of remembering the departed souls whereas Friday the 13th is merely a superstition. Friday 13th date is considered an unlucky day in Western countries. It is not a religious or cultural celebration but a superstition that started way back when an Italian Rossini died on Friday 13th. Sometimes it is also associated with the story of Jesus last supper and crucifixion.

Difference between Halloween and Dia de Muertos

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year and is all about gory and creepy things. On the other hand, Dia de Muertos (Spanish word) also known as Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated on 2nd November every year to remember the ancestors and deceased ones. It is not as scary as Halloween is and therefore, should not be confused with Halloween. So this was the difference between Halloween and day of the dead or Dia de Muertos.

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Difference between Halloween and all souls day

Halloween has its root back in Celtic culture. All souls day is the day when people gather and pray for all souls. It is celebrated on 2nd November preceded by All saints day on 1st November. Where Halloween revolves around costumes, candies, and trick or treating, All Souls Day is about commemoration, prayers and asking God to have mercy on the departed souls.

Difference between Halloween and all saints day

After celebrating Halloween on 31st October, All saints day is celebrated on 1st November. Halloween has derived from this holy day of All Saints Day. On this day Catholics offer prayers and they have to visit the church. Food, Flowers, candles etc are offered to the graves of the deceased by their relatives on this day.

However, there may be several differences between all these festivals but one thing is common that they bring happiness and joy and let us remember all the departed souls.


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