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Halloween Birthday ideas for cake, invitation card & memes

Halloween Birthday ideas for cake, invitation card memes and much more: Birthdays are special to everyone. Birthday is the only day of the year where you can be special to everyone. Being born during Halloween holiday does not make you a zombie or ghost. Though you got to celebrate this day with all other ghosts, witches and many more of these kinds. The good thing about being born on this day is that you don’t have to decide upon a theme. It is already self-decided. All you got to change every year is the setting for the party.

Halloween Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes have to be eye catchy and should taste so well. Cake defines your whole theme. Here are some ideas to make your Halloween birthday cake special.

Halloween Wonky Cake

 Halloween Birthday Cakes

This version of the cake is really cute representing the theme of Halloween. As your birthday come around once a year, that too in Halloween, you got to find a cake that best suits your Birthday as well as Halloween too. This cake is super perfect for this occasion. The base color of this cake is so refreshing and some spooky designs are made to devote to Halloween theme. Little pumpkins add on the beauty of this cake.

Spider Chocolate Cake


This cake is so clean in appearance though it contains creepy spiders on it.  These black spiders are so clearly visible on the orange base. Web cobs are really disgusting in actual life, but in this, it is adding on the beauty to the cake. Spiders and web cobs are actually symbolizing Halloween theme by not making any sort of fade in the birthday party.

Which Witch Cake?

 Halloween Birthday Cakes ideas

This cake is really awesome in appearance. A witch shaped cake can make your birthday as well as your Halloween special as it looks as creepy as the day. This is not that spooky looking cake made up of fondant. The appearance itself is suggestive of the Occasion and the event for which it has been brought for. This cake can really win the hearts of the guests present at your party.

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Halloween Birthday Invitation

Invitation portrays the overall events and theme to which you can dress accordingly. Your Halloween birthday invitation can bring out something spooky into the mind of people. People decide whether to go or not to a party on the basis of the invitation card. Invitation card has to be attractive and innovative.

Halloween paper cut invitation

 Halloween Birthday Invitation

This is a really cool way to invite anyone to the party. This is somewhat relating to the theme of your birthday party that is, Halloween. You can write or print your main invitation with some spooky designs. Instead of an envelope to wrap it into, you can go for a gate structured paper cut envelope. This one would attract your guest and make them interested to come for your Birthday Bash.

Coffin shaped invitation card


You can make your birthday invitation card to that of the shape of a coffin. This would look amazing and do justice to your theme. This would be the best invite you actually send to your friend. A perfect Halloween stuff it is. On receiving this card, one can be totally impressed by the creativity and can save this card as well.

Include these Halloween s’more Treat on the table.

Halloween Birthday Memes

Halloween is one of the scary events and full of ghostly looks. Some people have their birthdays on this day itself. People have a habit of making fun of their friends who are born on this day. They make funny memes to wish them a happy birthday in a satirical way. People share memes they make with their family and friends. Memes have to be funny and impressive. You can even create your own Halloween Birthday Meme.

Halloween Birthday Card

Birthday cards are the best means to display your love or wishes for a birthday to anyone. It is now a custom to give way too many big cards on birthdays. A card cost too high which is all useless. To give a birthday card you can make a handmade card. Here are some ideas, you can make a handmade Halloween birthday card for your near and dear ones.

Over the web card


The advantage of making handmade Halloween birthday card is that you can add your memes in that card. These cards can be really hilarious and scarily beautiful at the same time. You can even add your pictures inside the card and write some beautiful memories you have spent together. This could be the best birthday present for anyone.

Batty birthday card  Halloween Birthday Card ideas

You can make the birthday card so cute too. For this, you will need some printable designs. After having that, you can stick designs to your main card. As in this picture you can see bat has been placed in a way that if the card opens, the bat would fling its wings. It looks three-dimensional. You can really look up to this idea.

These are some Halloween birthday ideas to make your birthday look special on this already special day.


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