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How much Halloween Candy Can Kill You? You Should Buy? Should Kids Eat?

How much Halloween candy can kill you? How much Halloween candy to buy? How much Halloween candy should kids eat?

We are going to answer all possible thoughts in your mind. Keep reading till the end to understand it properly.

How much Halloween Candy: Halloween is incomplete without the Halloween candy, but over the year consumption of candies in Halloween is rising at the alarming rate and now people are becoming aware of it and started asking question like How much Halloween candy can kill you?

The sweet season is on its way. Trick or Treat- the most common thing that strikes our mind when we hear about Halloween and when there is Trick or Treat, what we see everywhere is Halloween candies, lots of Halloween candies. Halloween candy is the sole thing that is given out in every Halloween.

We cannot deny the fact that Halloween candies are the best part of Halloween but it is also true that the huge consumption of these candies also gives an invitation to serious health issues. Problems related to the stomach, obesity, teeth, liver and intestine are common after this Halloween festival and increasing every year.

We need to control over eating of these Halloween candies before it’s too late. Have a look at these serious questions you need to ask yourself this Halloween.

How much Halloween candy can kill you??

Excess of everything is always dangerous and so is with Halloween candies. Though they are godly delicious you need to control you from having them in excess. According to a report from a US-based organization, 5.4 pounds of sugar is enough to hit the LD50 level and is enough to kill a person with an average of 180 pounds.

For more information take a look at this video and you will get the answer to the question- How much Halloween candy can kill you?

How much Halloween candy is sold in the US??


Halloween is the biggest holiday USA and is also a grand source of income source for Halloween candy sellers. Every year the number of candies that are sold for Halloween is increasing at a great pace. This is a matter of serious concern. This is because if people in the USA are buying this much of Halloween candy then they must be consuming it all and consuming this much of candies is clearly an invitation to death.

The picture below shows the Halloween candy sales in the USA over the year.

How _much_Halloween_candy_is_sold_each_year

According to a report, Americans buy nearly 600 million Halloween candies every year. Can you imagine how big amount it is? It is equal to the weight of 6 Titanic ships. That is 2 pounds of Halloween candy per person in the USA. This is a lot of candy.

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Here, is an info graphical Halloween statistics according to a survey conducted by Morning Consults in the USA.

From this, you must have got the answer to- How much Halloween candy is sold each year? If this is the number of Halloween candies sold per year only in the USA then what it could be if we combine other countries where Halloween is celebrated?  Just imagine!!!!

It is really high time to say a big NO to so much of Halloween candies.  But if you don’t bother about this then you need to be prepared to see the consequences.

How much Halloween candy to buy???


If you buy candies then you are not just buying happiness but also some serious health disorders. You must buy and enjoy Halloween candies but you also need to consider your health along with the health of the people around you.

How much candy to buy this Halloween?

How much Halloween candy do I need?

How much Halloween candy to get?

These are some of the common questions that come in every mind before the beginning of Halloween festival. This is quite obvious because you have to prepare everything in advance and as we know candies are so important that they cannot be skipped from the list. Running shortage of candies and sometimes too many leftover candies after Halloween are some problems. These problems arise when you do not have any idea about how much Halloween candy you need to buy.

Here, is a mathematical formula given by Apartment Therapy- a housing blog. With the help of this formula you can calculate how much Halloween candy you should buy so you don’t run out of the candies or left with too many candies at the end.


Photo courtesy of Taryn Williford/ Apartment Therapy

For this, you need to know the number of kids but if do not know then don’t worry you can guess the number of kids from your past experience.

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How much Halloween candy should I eat??

Halloween candies are tempting and it is really hard to resist them. But if you really want to enjoy them for a more time with your family then you need to cut down on the consumption.

How much Halloween candy should I eat? If you have this question in mind then here is the answer-

Where there are candies there are kids. Children get lots of Halloween candies after Trick and Treating and consume the maximum amount of sugar/ calories during this Halloween season. Children should have 45 to 60 grams (for too small it is 23 grams) of sugar every day but they on average they eat 50 to 100 grams of sugar a day. Now imagine how far they go in terms of sugar consumption during Halloween season and on the day of trick or treating.

So, now you can see the amount of sugar in a candy then decide how much candy your child and you should consume in a day. Do not exceed the limit other this sweet delight will take no time change into a sweet poison.

Wake up before this Halloween candy treat turns into a terrifying treat. We know this sugar and chocolate laden holiday need to be enjoyed by everyone but parents should set a limit for the consumption of candies for their kids. They should also teach them that these sugar delights can turn into monsters which can haunt their health. And yeah it’s not only for kids; adults also need to be extra careful.

Hope you have got an idea of the How much Halloween candy can kill you, we have tried explaning things in easy manner however if you want to ad your thoughts here or have unanswered question in mind regardging the how much of candy is good etc. then fell free to ask in comment form below and we will answer as soon as possible.

Happy Halloween!!!!!


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