Halloween Costumes for kids – Easy and unique DIY Halloween dress for kid

Halloween Costumes for kids: Kids are excited about the Halloween as they get to dress wired and eat lot of candies. Therefor it become necessary for parents to take certain decision on how they going to dress their children. We have told various point on Halloween Costumes for kids, easy Halloween dress for kids, DIY Halloween costume for kids.

Halloween is just a few weeks away. This is a fall festival celebrated to remember all the departed soul and to give tribute to the dead. It is about ghosts, goblins, witches etc.  It is grandly celebrated in various countries of the world on every 31st October. It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year and is the most happening and exciting time of the year.  It is full of joy and happiness and brings games like trick or treat, Halloween parades, lighting, parties, jack-o-lanterns, Halloween costumes etc.

Halloween Costumes for kids

Halloween costume is the major topic of discussion during Halloween season. People spend a lot of money and creativity in deciding and purchasing a Halloween costume. How can we forget children and kids on Halloween? They are more excited about their Halloween costume than anything in this world. Their excitement level is something to watch for.


While purchasing Halloween costumes for kids you need to be extra careful and need to watch out certain things that really associated with your children’s health and safety during Halloween. Spending extra bucks on purchasing unique and their favorite costume are good but you also need to give extra attention to their health while purchasing these costumes.

Halloween is around the corner and you must have started visiting Halloween costumes stores to buy Halloween costumes for your little monsters. But along with these cute Halloween costumes you also invite several problems with you that sometimes become a reason for a big hazard. Parents need to watch out the Halloween costumes for kids and need to pay extra attention this Halloween.


Here, are some major points related to the Halloween costumes, which everybody needs to watch out this Halloween especially parents

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Watch out for Lice on your Halloween Costumes-

Halloween is a scary festival but gets more spooky and scary when you and your kids bring home lice on their Halloween costumes. Every year the number of people especially children is increasing who visit doctors for lice treatment after Halloween. This is the most common problem that people suffer from after this spooky festival and Halloween costume is the main reason behind this problem.

This is because a large number of people visit Halloween stores and try on a number of costumes, wigs, masks, and accessories. When you buy these costumes you also bring these creepy bugs to your home unknowingly and the problem began from here only.

To avoid such problems you can wear swim caps and wig caps before trying on costumes, masks, hats, and wigs. If you have bought the costumes then you can wash them or can give them a heat treatment in a dryer (only if the costume is heat resistant). In case you have itchy scalp after Halloween you can visit doctors clines for lice treatment.

Chocking on the costume-


Your tiny vampire or witch is ready to for the trick and treats in his/her costume that has a long black cap. During treat and treating some other kids step on the cape and chock your daughter/son. This really frightening and therefore, you need to be careful while purchasing costumes for your kids. Buy costumes that are short enough and are less likely to drag on the ground.  Pick costumes that are comfortable and kids can walk easily without tripping.

The fabric of the Halloween Costume-


The quality of the fabric of the Halloween costume also matters and if not given much attention can cause a hazard to your kid’s health. The fabric must be soft enough for the kid’s skin. It must not contain any harmful chemical as kids have a habit to put their clothes into their mouth.

Avoid gruesome costumes-


Avoid too creepy and spooky costumes for your kids and also for yourself. Avoid costumes that emphasis on violence as such costumes can frighten kids and especially those who are below eight years. Also avoid too creepy makeup when you are in a kids Halloween party.

Purchase bright costumes


As Halloween is a night festival and your little ones go for trick or treating. You must watch out that their Halloween costumes are bright enough to be visible at night. You can add some reflecting taps on their costumes while they go trick and treating on the roads to avoid road accidents.

Avoid masks-


Go for face painting rather than mask, headgear, and wigs that may chock and can cause harm to your children. Face painting and facial makeup are much safe than those scary, creepy and suffocating masks that can also obstruct vision.

Flame resistant costumes


Halloween is about the bonfire, jack-o-lanterns that glow with the help of candles and treat and tricks. So parents are advised to purchase Halloween costumes for their kids labeled flame resistant.

Halloween Accessories and Props


It is not just the costume that needs to be taken care of. Accessories and props are also there and should be given equal attention & care while preparing or purchasing from the stores. You need to check whether that the material of the props and accessories is safe for children. Avoid too blunt, poky and sharp props like knives, swords etc.


So, it’s necessary to watch out!!!! your kid’s Halloween Costume along with yours this Halloween.

Happy and safe haunting!!!!

Halloween costumes for kid

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