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In this article we are going to share some of the best halloween craft ideas 2018 to try! We have collection from Craft ideas for Toddlers, kids to adults

Halloween Craft ideas 2018: 31 October, the eve of Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day is celebrated as “HALLOWEEN”. The “Halloween” word means a “holy evening”. It is actually a holiday celebrated each year on the 31st of October annually. The origin of this festival date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Halloween Craft For Kids

Kids are the most creative, amongst every fellow being. They are the most exciting creatures and pop out with great innovative ideas. Let us begin by proving some light to their ideas.

  • Using some cotton, black chart paper, and wool, a voodoo doll can be made.

This can be done by spreading the cotton around and sticking black chart paper in the shape of eyes. And wool is used to tie it together.

  • You can easily decorate envelopes by using printed sheets in the form of the dragon head and can use buttons for making eyes.

Envelopes can be colored and when all dried up, printed sheets are then put together in the shape of teeth, eyes, and ears to give a spooky touch to it

  • Pumpkin cards can be made with the help of orange and yellow craft sheets cutting them into the shape of the pumpkin.
halloween craft for kid

This can be simply done by cutting sheets in the shape of the pumpkin and decorating it accordingly.

  • You can make “mummy” out of the juice boxes by wrapping it with white tissue papers and buttons can be used to make eyes of it.
    halloween craft idea for kid
  • The number of bats can be made with the use of black chart paper by folding it.
    Bat halloween card idea
    easy Halloween craft idea of making Bat

The easiest of all. This can be done by simply folding a paper like pleats and joining the middle part of it. This gives a look a bow firstly. But when it is brought in shape, it looks like a bat.

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  • Kids can simply color a pebble to get the desired character. For example, they can color a pebble black making it look like a cat by creating its ear and eyes with the help of colors itself.
    stone halloween craft idea with painting
  • Ice-cream sticks can be utilized for making monsters. This can simply be done by sticking together ice-cream sticks and creating a pattern out of it.
    halloween craft idea with pop sticks
    halloween craft idea with pop sticks

Ice-cream sticks are to be joined in a fashion so that they can make a flat surface. This flat surface when is attained can be used to draw images with the help of colors.

Halloween Craft For Toddlers

  • You can create a monster hat by simply decorating your (or your mother’s hat) with crumpled papers. Crumpling process hardly takes any time. Googly eyes can be used to make your hat look lively.
  • Toilet rolls can be of use when a pinch of creativity is added to it. You can color toilet paper rolls and can stock googly eyes to it. With this, you can add springs to make hands of the monster.

Halloween Craft ideas for preschool

  • Dry pasta can be colored in white to make it look like pieces of bones.
  • Cotton ball ghosts can be made by stretching cotton to obtain the desired structure of your ghost and using buttons to create its eyes.
    Halloween Craft ideas for preschool
    Halloween Craft ideas for preschool

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  • Crafting papers can be made out to be a spooky creature too.

This can be done by easily molding sheets of paper in the shape you want to make it. Scissors, glue, and colors can do this easily.

  • Colorful papers can be easily made into bats, pumpkins, masks and many more.
  • Beside creating monsters, paper crafts can be used to decorate your houses, dresses and even in sending messages to your near and dear ones.

The end of summer and the beginning of dark, cold winters are marked by the arrival of this day. The belief of Celts was, ‘the night before the new year, the boundary becomes blurred”. The boundary here refers to as the boundary between living and dead worlds.

Halloween Craft Ideas

By the 19th century, Halloween became more of a community centered holiday. In midst of the 1920s and 1950s, the concept of “trick or treat” was introduced. Now, children play a trick or ask for the treat from their neighborhood and are presented with the small treat of candies. With this, scary Halloween costumes are also worn by children.

This they do so because it is believed that ghosts came back from their world to the earth. To avoid being recognized by the ghosts, people are disguised as one of them. This is actually a trick to confuse ghosts.

Along with scary dresses, horrific materials are also displayed and carried along this night.  These materials are known to be Halloween Craft. One tries to be as creative and innovative as one can with this craft.

Their creativity is now counted in. Here are some ideas to make your Halloween the most horrifically creative one. We also have last minute Halloween costumes for every age.

All you need to be creative and innovative. There are many ways by which you can easily make use of your waste products and that too in a productive way.


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