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Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018 – Inside house and Outdoor halloween decor

Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018: Halloween is the scary festival and to set the mood to it, you need to decorate your home, garden, and even the locality to bring the real fun of Halloween. Therefore, we brought you the Halloween decoration ideas, which can bring the right atmosphere. Our list of Halloween decoration ideas 2018 is new and easy to set up. Our easy and cheap Halloween decoration is easily available in the B&M store near you. We also have a DIY Halloween decoration item you can make to decorate your house.

Halloween decoration is one of the best parts of Halloween. Everybody loves to decorate their houses and fun get doubles when you have to decorate it for the most awaited and spooky festival of the year. From outdoor Halloween decorations to decorating the indoors you have to decorate almost every space of your house to feel the spirit of Halloween. To make your Halloween and Halloween party decorations more exiting you need to be more creative every year.

Now, you do not have to search much for Halloween decoration ideas When Halloween decorations ideas are here in front of you. Take inspiration from our collection of Halloween decoration ideas and enhance the fun of this ghoulish holiday.

In this post, we have shared various Halloween ideas and DIYs. Here you will get a number of ideas from Scary Halloween decorations to not too scary decoration to make your indoors and outdoors Halloween ready.

We will star with some Halloween outside house decorations.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Along with indoor decoration, you should also look at our DIY outdoor Halloween decorations props to bring the right mood. Halloween door decorations items are best as all most all the guest, people, kids look at the door before entering the house and then after look at the Halloween inside house decorations. Halloween, the scariest day considered until now is celebrated with great pomp and show in the world. Everything seems to be spooky and scary this day. Theme based food and desserts are served. Not only this, decoration to is made spooky so as to match it with the theme. To get the essence of Halloween in no time, here are some ideas to decorate your home and surrounding.

Halloween outside Decoration

Anyone, who arrives at your house is surely going to pass a judgment on the basis of your yard or kitchen placed outside the house. On occasions or festival seasons, these judgment rates are increased just as the increasing price of petrol. Let your creativity and innovation make people mum. Here are some easy and creative ideas to decorate your outside area of the house into total creepy and spooky way on the occasion of Halloween. Let see some easy and cheap Halloween outside Decoration item you can find in B&Q or B&M store near you.

DIY Halloween decorations: Tombstone yard

In Hollywood, any horror movie is incomplete without the scene of the graveyard. From this, you get to know the significance of the graveyard. For Halloween, making graveyard outside your house can really do a great job of scaring people. Tombstone is what we generally see in a graveyard. You can create one without actually digging people inside it. All you have to take it a lot of a thick cardboard. Cut it in the different shapes of tombstones. Once done, with the help of markers, jot down epitaphs on the structured cardboards. Tombstones are ready to be placed outside the house. You can dig them inside the soil and spread some leaves nearby them. For more effects, leave lanterns ahead of every tombstone you made.

DIY outdoor Halloween decorations: The ghosts get together

White colored structures with no hands and legs. This is the definition of ghosts that you give when you are asked to define one. You are well versed of the fact that these kinds of creatures do not exist, you are scared of them even though. For decorating your yard on the occasion of Halloween, you can get no brilliant and easy idea besides this. You can show ghosts sitting in a circle and talking or sitting. For this, all you have to do is dig a number of sticks in a circle formation. Having done that, use Thermocol mannequin on the top of the sticks you dug. After this process, take a white sheet of cloth and cut it into many pieces. The pieces should be more of the length of the sticks. Cover the sticks in a manner that the sticks you dug should not be visible. Make a flair kind of thing at the bottom of the clothes and tie them to the end of another cloth. Lastly, all you have to do is, make eyes and mouth of ghost in that sheet. Your ghosts are ready to have a get-together. Also read Halloween Quilt patterns kits.

cute Halloween decorations: Grounded zombies

Welcome your friends and family in the presence of zombies which are grounded. Grounded here does not mean the stoppage of hanging out, instead, zombies are literally grounded inside the soil. This is so creepy though. For grounding zombies, all you need to do is dig sticks in pairs wherever you wish to ground your zombies inside the soil. After this process, take your old trousers and some torn newspapers. Pair of socks is also needed. Stuff some torn newspapers inside trousers and socks. After doing so, stitch your trousers and socks leaving only two holes to fix them over sticks you dug. Do it same with the socks. Tuck the socks at the end of the sticks. This would come up as some people, more like zombies, are dug inside and if touched, can get out of the soil.

These are some ideas to welcome your guest with a rush of fear running inside them.

Halloween Door Decoration

After a warm welcome from outside decoration, let your doors welcome them again to the sitting area. In festivals like Halloween, there must be a surprise in every step you take towards the celebration and finally reaching the venue. Decorating doors are equally important so as to impress your family and friends. Here are some ideas to have a chance to leave your guest ghastly wondering what else is left now, check out the Halloween Door Decoration items which are easy to make or available at the Halloween store near you.

Halloween Door Decoration: Mummy’s eyes on you

You can make your guest in a condition where he or she couldn’t speak and can be totally blown out. For this, all you got to do is decorate your door with great scary designs. One of them is by making the mummy with the help of white bandages and making eyes on your door. This would look as if a mummy is gazing at you with those frightful eyes.

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Welcome to coffin: My best Halloween Door Decoration 

You can give your guest spooky surprises by making them enter through your coffin (which is actually your door). The stuff you need to make this idea as your decoration piece are hard cardboard, black and white paint along with a black duck tape. Cut it into anthropoidal shape. Use edges of cardboard to make this shape again. Paint the structured pieces white and give it a shade of black. After drying it up, use duck tape to make Jesus cross into it. Lastly, place the structured edges cardboard to the main door and another one with Holy Cross to the other side of it. You are all set to welcome your guest through your coffin.

Easy Halloween Door Decoration: Let me through Monster

This is the simple and nonexpensive idea to impress your guests. You can create a monster out of your door. This can be simply done with the procedure of paper cutting. Double sided tapes would do no harm to your property. Cut the papers out and make cuttings of eyes, teeth spider, hair and many more. Stick it to your doors with the help of double-sided tape. Your monster door is ready. You can get through your monster door anytime you want to.

Halloween inside Decoration

Having introduced your guests by your spooky welcome, the spark of the evening you can set by your scary interior decoration. This decoration is the most important decoration amongst all as it acts like a cherry of your cake. Here are some ideas to make your guests all sweat in fear.

halloween inside house decorations: Leg Chandelier 

The chandelier is treated to that of a celebrity by everyone. It is one of the noticeable things placed inside your house. This Halloween makes this noticeable stuff a thing of shock. For this, all you need is a pair of stockings that too stripped, old shoes and an umbrella. This hanging object is an innovative way to deliver the shocking surprise to house guests. This smart project allows you to create an illusion of two hanging legs. You can even customize it with LED lights.

halloween inside house decorations ideas: Spying spiders

No doubt, spiders are the creepiest organisms present in this earth. They are the epitome of disgust. The maximum number of people scared of them even if they are still on the walls or relaxing upside down attached to the ceiling. Halloween represents the spider as a symbol. To create this spider effect, black chart paper and double-sided tape are required. Cut out the spider-shaped structures out of the black chart paper. Make it look a little realistic. Make ample of spiders out of it. After having made that, stick it to every possible wall of your room. This is creepiest yet perfect for Halloween.

These are some ideas to make your house justified to the themed celebration.

Cute Halloween Decoration

Halloween day is celebrated by everyone regardless of age, color or caste. Sometimes, some Halloween decoration is not aged appropriate which results led to a kid’s nonstop nightmares. Some terrifying decorations can disturb a child and can even traumatize that kid.

To have a healthy Halloween, you should keep in mind a child’s perspective and decorate accordingly. Some Halloween’s decorative ideas which are cute at the same time are given here.

halloween house decorations: Bat and Ghost Garlands

Not always ghosts and bats have to be scary. They can be cute sometimes. Kid friendly decoration can be done with a little creativity and lots of fun. These homemade ideas with negligible hard work can ooze out the happiness inside your kids. Bat and ghost garland can be made to decorate your walls in this Halloween.

halloween DIY decorations: Mummy Cushion

It is so easy that it can be made by five below Halloween decorations kid.  You can show your creativity with a cushion too. A cushion can be turned into a cute mummy with the help of stuff like bandages and papers. Make cute big eyes with black and white papers. Take a cushion and place eyes on it. After this procedure, cover the cushion with white bandages except for the eyes. After finishing that, stick a scar made up of black paper and stick above the tissues. You are done with your mummy cushion. An adorable mummy cushion is ready for Halloween.

  1. Halloween outdoor decorations

This Halloween gets ready to scare your neighbors and guests and make them wow with some spooky and yet elegant Halloween outdoor decorations.

Have a look at some Halloween outside decorations ideas-

  • Halloween outside tree decorations

A tree without leaves, pumpkins and candle lanterns gives a perfect feel of Halloween. This Halloween outside tree decorations idea will cover a bared tree outside your house with the spirit of Halloween.

  • Halloween outside decorations UK

Check out these easy Halloween outside decoration UK ideas and get the scary Halloween vibes-

  • Ghosts in the lawn
  • Skeleton Croquet
  1. Halloween zombie decorations

When it is Halloween you cannot forget to add zombies to the Halloween decorations. This Halloween makes your Halloween outdoor decoration more scary and spooky with some dummy zombies and other decorating ideas.

Check this Halloween zombie decoration idea-

  • Zombie escape
  • Zombie window Halloween decoration

Get the tutorial here- http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/home-and-family/how-to/diy-zombie-window-halloween-decoration-with-mark-steines

  • Cryptic Coffin and Jack-o-lanterns
  • Beware Halloween entrance
  • Creepy eyeball Wreath
  • Haunted House
  • Spidery entrance

Tutorial- http://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/holidays/halloween-diy-spooky-spiders

Do try these Outdoor Halloween decorations this Halloween and get compliments from your friends and family.

  1. Halloween outside decoration ideas homemade

In this section, we have brought some beautiful and scary decoration ideas homemade for you. Hope you like these outside decorations DIY.

  • Halloween Porch Decor

Tutorial- https://www.houseofhawthornes.com/transitioning-the-porch-from-fall-to-halloween/

  • Googly Eye door décor

Tutorial- http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/halloween-googly-eye-door

  • Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Tutorial- https://www.instructables.com/id/Climbing-Halloween-Skeletons/

  • Mummy Halloween Front Door Decor

Tutorial- http://eastcoastcreativeblog.com/2013/10/fall-halloween-porch-decor.html

  • Halloween spider and bats

Tutorial- http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2014/10/simple-diy-halloween-spiders-bats.html?utm_medium=viraltag-content-network&utm_source=viraltag-post&utm_campaign=Viraltag

  • Outdoor Halloween Lanterns

Tutorial- https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g4855/halloween-decorating-ideas-jennifer-perkins/

  • Monster House

Tutorial- http://www.craftibilities.com/2013/10/making-your-house-come-alive-halloween.html

  1. Halloween outside decorations Pinterest

You can also find thousands of images of Halloween decoration on Pinterest. Pictures on Pinterest are very helpful therefore you can take inspirations from them for Halloween decorations. For your convenience and to save your time for searching the best idea, we shared some of the best Halloween outside decorations Pinterest ideas for you.

  1. Halloween yard decoration ideas

Have a yard outside your house?

Then it also needs some scary Halloween decoration. Decorating your yard for Halloween gives you more chance to show your creativity. We are sure that Halloween yard decorations will take your Halloween decorations to another level.

So, this Halloween get ready to trick out your front yard and backyard with these over the top Halloween yard decoration idea-

  • Witch Brewing
  • Give a pumpkin patch to your backyard
  • Scary Front Yard

Tutorial- https://www.womansday.com/style/fashion/g490/20-clever-last-minute-costume-ideas/

  • Skeletons and coffin
  • Halloween Mason jar lighting
  • Ghost in the front yard
  • Scary werewolf scene

Tutorial- http://blog.homedepot.com/spooky-halloween-werewolf-scene/

  • Skeleton relaxing in the graveyard
  1. Halloween wedding decorations

Halloween weddings are in trend these days. People love to get married in a Halloween Themed setting where things are ghoulish and elegant too. From decorations to wedding cakes, everything gets into the spirit of Halloween theme. Therefore, if you are also planning for Halloween wedding then we have some top decoration ideas for you that will definitely wow your guests.

Have a look and make your Halloween wedding more special and memorable with these Halloween wedding decorations ideas-

  1. Halloween wedding table centerpieces-

  1. Halloween Wedding table setting  
  1. Other Halloween wedding decoration ideas
  1. Halloween window decorations

Do not forget to decorate your windows this Halloween. They also need to be decorated. Silhouettes are one of the best and easy ways for decorating windows for Halloween but there are various other ways to decorate Halloween windows.

Here we have shared some Halloween window decoration ideas. These are budget friendly and you can easily try these ideas at your home.

  • Skeleton and web

Tutorial- https://www.marthastewart.com/267892/silhouette-curtains

  • Halloween cat curtains
  • Window silhouettes
  • Ghost window
  • Lights and skeleton
  1. Indoor Halloween decorations

Check out these indoor Homemade Halloween decorations ideas for this ghostly holiday-

  • Ghost Lights

Tutorial- http://www.unoriginalmom.com/ping-pong-ball-ghost-lights/

  • Witch legs Chandelier

Tutorial- http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/home-and-family/how-to/diy-witch-leg-chandelier

  • Sequinced Pumpkins


  • Paper Shadow


  • Skull String Art


  • The welcome table in front of the main door


  • Eyeball lights


  • Bat Branch Centrepiece


  1. Vintage Halloween decorations

Want to give a retro look to your house this Halloween?

Then vintage Halloween decorating items are best for this purpose. You can make use of old candleholders, photos, frames, statues that your granny or nanny had used for making a vintage Halloween decoration setting.

Here we have shared some Vintage Halloween decorations inspirations for you.

Take a peek at these cool vintage decoration ideas-

  • Vintage Halloween Mantel
  • Creepy old objects decor
  • Black and White feel
  • Spooky Crystal ball candlesticks


  • Mirror Wreath
  • Vintage Halloween Blocks

Tutorial- http://modpodgerocksblog.com/2011/09/diy-mod-podged-halloween-blocks.html

For decorating your house with props, pumpkins, skeletons, witches and many more and to give your house a feel of the haunted house this Halloween, you can find those products in the B&M store. You can have your desired products at nominal rates as B&M has launched incredible Halloween products at fair prices.

If you are, too busy and do not have much time to decorate your house for Halloween. Do not worry!

Just get some Walmart Halloween decorations items, decorate your house with them and your house is Halloween ready. It will save your time and effort but may dig deep into your pocket.

There are also some budget-friendly Halloween decoration ideas.  If you want to spend some time with your family and want your kids to help you with Halloween decoration then bring some printable Halloween decorations stuff like silhouettes and other printable. These Halloween printable Halloween Silhouettes can be used for Halloween window decorations. You can get these printables easily at your nearby store or order online or you can simply download them from the internet.

Hope you liked out Halloween decoration ideas 2018, we will be adding more item and DIY hacks to the list, you can bookmark us or like our twitter handle to get the update.

If you have your own Halloween decoration DIY you can share them with us and we will show that in our page. Do try some of the Halloween indoor and outdoor decoration ideas 2018.