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Halloween face makeup Painting ideas 2018 for adults and kids

Halloween is around the corner and everybody seems to be excited about the big spooky Halloween night. A person of every age adores Halloween. Halloween is the only time of year when you are ready to be transformed from gorgeous to gruesome. After a perfect Halloween costume idea 2018, people are more concerned about their Halloween makeup, especially about their Halloween faces. If you have not decided your Halloween look yet then do not panic you still have time. We are also there to help you find a best Halloween look that will blow your mind.

Halloween faces makeup compliments your Scary Halloween costumes and completes your Halloween look at the same time. Give a creative and colorful spin to your face and get a perfect and memorable Halloween face. Today, a wide range of Halloween makeup kits are available in the market. You just have to bring home some of your favorite makeup kits, color palettes and start creating magic with it.

Take inspirations from this post as we have shared some cool and trendy Halloween face painting and makeup ideas for kids and adults.

So get ready to be a Halloween sensation and steal the show with your Halloween face makeup.

Halloween face paint

With Halloween face paint you can bring your ghoulish dream Halloween looks into reality. A painted face on a Halloween party brings more drama and you get complete Halloween vibes.

Have a look at some amazing Halloween face paint ideas and let people think who Halloween face is this?

  1. Halloween Scarecrow face makeup-Halloween Scarecrow face makeup

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/-8XZBRw_BFE

  1. Rainbow FishHalloween face paint

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/IHSU-mXlJ78

  1. Pop artHalloween face paint ideas

Tutorial- https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2014/10/halloween-diy-emmas-pop-art-makeup-tutorial/

  1. Snapchat Halloween makeuphalloween face makeup

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/ogS7eS8jHJ4

  1. halloween face painting – Candy Skull Half face
halloween face painting
halloween face painting
  1. halloween face painting ideas – Black Swan

Halloween face painting ideas for kids

Kids are more excited about Halloween than any other; therefore they also need to be dressed up fully for Halloween. Halloween face painting is much better and safe for kids than those creepy and suffocating Halloween marks. This Halloween save some money and try some kids Friendly Halloween face painting. Halloween face painting will transform your cute angels into little devils and monsters. Take some good quality face paints and turn your little ones into their favorite cartoon characters, animals, superhero and other fictional characters by doing some face makeup and get close to their hearts.

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It is not necessary that you always have to give a scary look to your kid. Kids are adorable and you can make them more adorable by giving them cute Halloween faces.

Check out these Halloween face painting ideas for kids-

  1. Cute Cat

Halloween face painting ideas for kids

Tutorial- https://www.todaysparent.com/family/face-painting-for-kids-quick-cat/

  1. Zombie Doll

halloween makeup upside down face

Tutorials- http://www.todaysparent.com/family/activities/face-painting-tutorial-transform-your-kid-into-a-zombie-doll/

  1. Pretty Ghost face

halloween makeup without face paint


  1. Pirate



  1. Colorful Skull face


  1. Ladybird face

Halloween face painting ideas for kids 2

We are sure Halloween face painting ideas will definitely help your little monster to earn more candies this year. You can also dress your little ones with our Unique newborn Baby Halloween costumes boy girl 0-3 months & 3-6 months

Halloween makeup without face paint

If you are allergic to face paints and do not want to put tons of chemical-based face paints on your face then we have also some Halloween makeup without face paints ideas for you. This Halloween faces ideas without face paints are ideal for you and your kid’s sensitive skin.

Here, are some more ideas for Halloween makeup without face paint for you. With your regular makeup essentials, you can create these cute and easy Halloween faces.

  1. Halloween Dollface

Halloween makeup without face paint 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/jy3m-xQY8qc

  1. Cute Little Catface

Halloween makeup without face paint for kids

  1. Halloween mermaid

Halloween Faces

Here, you will get tutorial of the most popular Halloween faces like pumpkin faces, zipper face etc. These Halloween faces are trendy and will draw everyone’s attention towards you. So, this Halloween make a statement with these dramatic Halloween Faces. Our other article on Pumpkin is Halloween pumpkin carving ideas stencils coloring page

Halloween pumpkin faces

Everyone is aware of the fact that Halloween and Pumpkins are associated with each other and go hand in hand. Pumpkin has great significance in Halloween and therefore a Pumpkin face makeup once in a lifetime is a must. The joy you will experience after a pumpkin face makeup will be much more than carving a pumpkin.

So, check out these easy, scary yet elegant Halloween Pumpkin faces and give a pumpkin patch to your face this Halloween.

  1. Easy Halloween pumpkin face

  1. Scary Pumpkin face

  1. Spooky Jack-o-Lantern face

Jack-o-Lantern halloween face

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/xWi1jMU5go4

Halloween zipper face

Halloween zipper face is quite in trend these days. If you want your Halloween face to be gruesome and terrifying this year then a zipper face makeup will be best for you.

Have a look at these zipper face makeup ideas and decide whether you want a creepy zipper face look or an elegant and subtle look.

  1. Terrifying Zipper face

  1. Glitter Zipper face

  1. Unzipped Eyes

Halloween makeup upside down face

The best way to trick or treat your family and friends on Halloween is to carry a Halloween makeup upside down face look. This Halloween go over the top with the given upside down Halloween face makeup ideas.

  1. Upside down face and skull makeup

  1. Funny Upside down face makeup

Funny Upside down face makeup idea


Try these unique Halloween face painting ideas and click lots of pictures. Sharing these pictures on social media will double the Halloween fun. Get ready to set your Halloween like buttons facebook on fire with these Halloween faces.  Put pictures of your painted face as your Halloween facebook cover and see the magic.

Who need scary and expensive Halloween costumes when you can steal the show just by ferocious Halloween faces?

So, try and share these Halloween face paint ideas this year and rock your Halloween party.

Happy Halloween !!!!!


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