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20+ Halloween games for kids, girl, boy, adult, online video game 2018

Halloween games for kids and adult which whole family can enjoy

Are you looking for Google Halloween Game released by google every year or Halloween games for kids and Halloween party games then we have made this article for you, check out complete post on Halloween games. In a couple of weeks, Halloween will be on your doorsteps. You must have decided what Funny, creepy or scary  Halloween costumes you are going to adorn this Halloween. Google Halloween game is fun and easy made by google game team for Halloween. You must also have planned the decoration and themes you will have in your Halloween party. Have you decided on the Halloween games??? If yes then you are an awesome planner and if no then you are missing the fun that Halloween games bring. Halloween games are fun and give us another reason to get crazy on this Ghostly holiday.

Happy Halloween games

Google Halloween game

Trick and Treat is not the only Halloween game that you can play on Halloween. There are end numbers of Halloween games for kids, girls & boys and also for adults. After enjoying the Halloween parades, gatherings, parties, you can play these Halloween games with your family and friends at night. Halloween google game is fun and spooky special made for keeping in mind every age.

Link to play the google Halloween game will be provided here. (it will be added after google release the games for halloween)

We have prepared a list of spooky, exciting, scary and fun Halloween games to play this year.

Halloween Party games

Some of the traditional Halloween party games include trick and treat, Apple bobbing, Telling Ghost stories, pass the pumpkin, scary treasure hunt, etc. These Halloween games are old fashioned traditional games but are fun games and are perfect for everyone.

Halloween games for kids

Here, are some of the best Halloween games for kids are as follows-

  • Apple Bobbing Game- Apple Bobbing is one of the traditional Halloween games. You just have to take a big tub/bucket of water. Fill it with apples and tell kids to take out these apples with their mouth without using their hands and who takes out maximum apples wins the game.


  • Doughnut Bobbing- Give a twist to the traditional apple bobbing game. Replace the apples with yummy doughnuts and hang them with a help of string to a tree or a wall and see who finishes their doughnuts first.


  • Pumpkin Golf- This Halloween game is very popular among kids these days. Carve a Big pumpkin and cut out a largemouth on it. Build a ramp to the mouth of Pumpkin. Tell kids to throw the ball into the pumpkin mouth from a specific point with a small plastic golf stick.


  • Halloween Mummy Wrap game- This is an interesting Halloween games for kids and they enjoy this thoroughly. Divide them into two groups and tell them to wrap their partner with a toilet paper into a mummy. Who finishes first wins the race.


  • Frankenstein Bowling Game- Paint some canes with faces of Frankenstein (or any other character) and tell your little monsters to knock them down in one shot with a small pumpkin or a ball.


We are sure kids will definitely love these games.

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Halloween games for preschoolers

Here, we have prepared a list of some Halloween games for preschoolers. These games are not scary and spooky for fun purpose of children. These games contain Halloween elements but in the less scary way. The best thing is, these games can be played inside the house when the climate is not in your favor. These games are ideal Halloween games for preschoolers and can be played at schools as well as homes.

Check out these games for Halloween.

  • Halloween pumpkin Hunt- Hide some small pumpkins in the room or on a small outdoor location and see who finds maximum pumpkins for you.


  • Spider Web Walking- For this cool Halloween game you just have to make a spider web with a tape on the floor. Place some monster cards as obstacles and see your kids how far they can walk the web. Also, put some obstacles and gifts on the web and tell them to walk the web without falling. Did you find this happy Halloween games interesting, tell us in comment below.


  • Spider Race-

Take some straws and cute small spiders. Make a start and finish point on a Board. Place the spiders on the board and tell your little ghosts to let spiders crawl to the finish line and win the race.


  • Pass the pumpkin Halloween game-

Take a small pumpkin or a pumpkin toy and ask children to sit in a circle. Play some Halloween music, start the passing game and see who stays to the end.


  • Party games for Halloween Witch Ring Toss-

Make some witch hats and colorful rings or you can buy it from a craft shop. Tell kids to toss the rings into the witch hat and one of put the ring on the hat wins.


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Halloween games for girls

The excitement level of girls on Halloween is too high. Talking about Halloween games for girls, they can play different games re. As girls like to dress up you can plan a costume competition, other Halloween dress up games, Halloween makeup, decorating games, Halloween dance games, cooking competition etc. We assure you, girls will definitely love these Halloween games.


Halloween games for boys

Boys love Halloween as it is a festival where they can freely scare anyone and will not be scolded by their parents like other days. To make their Halloween more special for them you can plan several Halloween games for boys and for their squad. You can play any of the games aforementioned. Apart from them, you have games like cracking Halloween jokes, Scary Halloween ghost masks making, Halloween costume competition etc. As boys are more into the internet, they can play Halloween games online and Halloween video games.

Halloween games for boys

Halloween games for adults

When there are games for kids, girls and boy then how can we forget adults on Halloween? Party games are not just meant for kids. If you are an adult and planning to host a house party for Halloween then add some spooky games to it. This will add more fun, spookiness, and thrill to your Halloween party and make it spooktacular. Did you like this happy Halloween games for adult. Also check out Happy Halloween memes 2018 here.

 Here, we have a list of some spooky and scary Halloween games for adults-

  • ‘Don’t Say it’ Halloween Game- Select some words or phrases and when your guest arrives tell them to not speak these words throughout the party. Give them two miniature monsters when they arrive and if they speak banned words take back the monsters from them. At the end, the winner is the person who did not speak the word and lasts with two monsters.

Don’t Say it’ Halloween Game

  • Horror Movie Trivia- Horror movie trivia is a better way to judge the knowledge of your guests about Horror movies and also trick them. If their answers are right then give them extra shots of their favorite drink and if not then serve them your mystery drink you have prepared for the night.

Horror Movie Trivia

  • Monster Mash- Play some scary and creepy Halloween music on the background and see your monster guests dancing with strangers over a piece of a newspaper and trying to balance. Enjoy the Halloween bash.

scary and creepy Halloween music

  • Scary Treasure Hunt- This Treasure hunt will not be similar to pumpkin hunt. It will be scary, thrilling and spine-chilling yet entertaining for your guests.

Scary Treasure Hunt

  • Murder Mystery- Solving Halloween murder mystery in a Halloween party is an ice-breaker and makes the Halloween party more mischievous. It’s fun and thrilling to see your guests (who do not know each other) in their characters trying to find the murder mystery.

Murder Mystery

  • Guess the Villain- This Halloween is really fun and you must try this. Stick the names of some horror movie villains on their backs so that they cannot see it. Let them guess and figure out which villain they are.

Guess the Villain game

  • Halloween Photo Booth- It is not actually a game but you can add it to your Halloween party games at your house. We all love to take pictures with our family and friends at the festival. Add a Halloween photo booth corner with some Halloween props at your Halloween party and make your Halloween party more memorable.

Halloween Photo Booth

Halloween video games

Halloween brings happiness to those video gamer also who does not like the Hocus-pocus of Halloween and love to stay at home on Halloween and play video games. We have a list of some popular Halloween games filled with thrill, action, and suspense that you can enjoy on Halloween.


Have a look to some hair-raising and spookiest Halloween video game ps4-

  • The Last of us
  • The Evil Within’
  • BioShock
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent’ and ‘Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs’
  • Tomb Raider
  • Playable Teaser- P.T
  • ZombiU
  • The Dying Light

Apart from these games, you can also play some less spooky Halloween Xbox One games available in the market.

Halloween games for online

Halloween games for online

When it is about Halloween activities, we must not miss online Halloween games. A number of Halloween online games are available on the internet for all the age groups. Some of the Halloween games for online are paid and some you can play for free. Whichever you like, download and start enjoying them with your squad this Halloween. If you are not a party person but want to enjoy Halloween games just search ‘Halloween games online’ or ‘Halloween Google game’ on your browser, you will get hundreds of online Halloween games like Halloween quined games, Halloween p.e games for k-5 etc.

Planning play-date or even for a Halloween Party for the kiddies this year? Time up a couple of notches with those 20+ crowd pleasing and beautiful Halloween games for kids! I have been hunting around the internet for the finest Halloween games for children and created a fairly great list to talk today. WeWhetherour bash is”autumn themed” or fullon Halloween, some one of these timeless Halloween games are spooktacularly fun and so are excellent for all ages!

Your Own Halloween party range from a whole lot more than simply costumes and trickortreating. All these Halloween matches may allow you to host the finest party. Your Hidden party is guaranteed to be profitable with every one these fun and fabulous Halloween Party games! Not LOVE that you have this type of number?! The hardest part is deciding that pleasure Halloween games to playwith!

There you keep these things lots of Halloween games to the small ones to savor. Additionally you will see, because there are games that are scary or no spooky. I am jumpy myself, therefore I’ll delight in these Halloween parties that are cutesy so long as I will. Halloween festival is the best part of the year; make it more special and memorable with these Halloween party games.

Have fun with Halloween games for kids and adult. Happy Halloween!


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