Halloween Makeup ideas 2018 Easy, scary to creepy looks

Halloween Makeup ideas 2018: Halloween is all about a creepy and scary thing. Halloween is on its way and you all must have decided your Halloween look and costumes. Halloween today revolves around spooky costumes of ghost, ghouls, vampires, zombies, cats, demons and all the Ghoulish things. But it is not just your Halloween costume that describes your Halloween character. Your Halloween makeup completes your Halloween character.  Halloween makeup gives a cutting edge to your Halloween costume.

Time has changed and nowadays you cannot imagine Halloween without makeup. This is due to the increasing number of people taking interest in this spooky and ghoulish festival and also the greed of looking different. So, if you are still struggling with your Halloween costume and makeup then just scroll down and read the post. You might get a Halloween makeup inspiration for this Halloween.

Here in this post, you will get a package of Halloween makeup ideas also with some easy Halloween makeup tutorials. From wickedly beautiful to jaw-dropping creepy Halloween face makeup, you will get all the stuff here.

Cute Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup can be cute. If you do not want that creepy Halloween makeup this Halloween then try some cute Halloween makeup.

You can take inspiration from the following-

  • Cute Doll

  • Little Frankenstein

  • Female Jigsaw

  • Vampire

  • Cute Dog

five below halloween makeup

  • Scarecrowh halloween makeup

Cat makeup for Halloween

Cat makeup for Halloween is always in demand. The cat is one of the important elements of this ghostly celebration. They are cute and scary too. This is the reason that Cat Halloween makeup is so common during the Halloween festival. You can also read our post on Last minute Halloween costume

Here we have shared some of the best Halloween cat makeup for you. Have a look…

  • Halloween cat makeup- 1halloween cat makeup

It is quite simple and easy.

  • Halloween cat makeup- 2

halloween clown makeup


  • Halloween cat makeup- 3

cat halloween makeup

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/HagppJat7J8

  • Halloween cat makeup- 4

cat makeup for halloween

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/sAMzw1yKtLg

  • Halloween cat makeup- 4

halloween cat doll makeup

  • Cat Halloween makeup- 5

halloween cat makeup 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/2UADooFUJSM

Halloween makeup but not scary

Let’s have a look at some Halloween makeup but not scary ideas. The makeup ideas in this section are so simple Halloween makeup that you can do yourself. If not scary makeup then how about Scary Halloween costumes.

  • Not so scary witch

halloween eye makeup

  • Skeleton makeup

halloween face makeup

  • Deer

halloween makeup but not scary

  • Vampire

halloween makeup ideas

  • Broken doll

halloween makeup ideas 2018

  • Illusionhappy halloween makeup ideas 2018

Halloween pro makeup

From past few years, Halloween makeup has become a trend. People are hiring Halloween pro makeup artist for a few hours of Halloween parties and parades just to look perfect and different. Newcastle upon Tyne has many Halloween makeup artists who are very good at their work. There are also some stores like five below, which can provide Halloween makeup with minimal cost for kids. Get your kid this newborn Baby Halloween costumes boy girl 0-3 months.

Let’s see the Halloween looks of both Five below Halloween makeup and Halloween makeup Newcastle upon Tyne-

Five below Halloween makeup

  • Mermaidhalloween makeup looks

See here-

Halloween makeup Newcastle upon Tyne

halloween makeup newcastle upon tyne

halloween makeup tutorials halloween makeup tumblr halloween makeup tutorial

Easy Halloween makeup

Check out these easy Halloween makeup ideas-

  • The Joker-

Joker is one of the popular and common Halloween character.

  • Mermaid

  • Mime Face

halloween makeup without face paint

  • Jack Sparrow

halloween makeup without latex

Tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2cg7nqL25Q

  • Pop art

  • Snapchat Filter makeup

Do try these popular and Cool Halloween makeup this Halloween. Hope you like these easy Halloween makeup tutorial.

Halloween makeup without face paint

The face paint used for Halloween makeup can be harmful for face and skin. Especially when it is applied on the face to kids, it might cause harm to their skin as it is very sensitive. You can also try these Easy and unique DIY Halloween dress for kid.

You can use your basic makeup and household items to get a Halloween look. Let’s have a look at some ideas on Halloween makeup without face paint-

Halloween makeup without face paint 2 Halloween makeup without face paint 3Halloween makeup without face paint 3 Halloween makeup without face paint 4 easy halloween zombie makeup

Halloween makeup without latex

Latex is used for creating special effects like fake marks, wounds, wrinkles to a realistic Halloween look. If you are looking for Halloween makeup without latex then have a look at the given Halloween makeup looks without the use of latex-

  • Zombie

  • Unicorn

  • Ursula – https://youtu.be/vEqtg9ba0RI

Halloween makeup without latex 3

  • Stitched mouth makeup

So, these were some simple and easy makeup for Halloween without the use of latex.

Halloween makeup upside down face

Try something new this Halloween and confuse people around you.

Have a look at this Halloween makeup upside down-

  • Halloween makeup upside down face- 1Halloween makeup upside down face 1

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/b3hQBYZ25RU

  • upside down Halloween makeup – 2Halloween makeup upside down face 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/Peyru5e97jg

Halloween makeup tumblr

Tumblr is one of the best ways to get the latest Halloween makeup trends and ideas. You can take inspiration for Halloween makeup from this social media networking site.

Here are some of the Halloween makeup tumblr inspirations for you to try this year-

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/20gVPNj7hh4

  • Corpse Bride

  • Spider Queen

zombie Halloween makeup

  • Headless Halloween

scary halloween makeup

  • Pumpkin queen makeup

Pumpkin queen makeup

  • Clown inspiredClown inspired hallowen makeup

Halloween eye makeup

Here, some hauntingly beautiful Halloween eye makeup inspirations for you-

  • Heavenly eye makeup

Halloween eye makeup

  • Spider eye makeup

Halloween eye makeup inspirations

  • Halloween witch eye

Halloween witch eye

  • Dark fantasy

halloween dark fantasy makeup

  • bloody eye

Halloween eye makeup inspirations 2

  • Cute Butterfly eye

halloween eye makeup butterfly

  • Halloween hear eye makeup

Halloween hear eye makeup

Scary Halloween makeup

Now it’s time to mix some creepy and scary makeup in the Halloween spirit. Check out these scary Halloween makeup ideas of all time. Get ready to get Goosebumps. Zombie Halloween makeup

Check out these Halloween zombie makeup ideas for both man and woman-

  • Walking dead zombie makeup- man

Zombie Halloween makeup youtube tutorial

  • Zombie woman

Scary Halloween makeup 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/TQKz-zPvPSo

  • Halloween skull makeupHalloween skull makeup

Looking for Halloween skull makeup?

Check out this easy tutorial- https://youtu.be/npFbx6MtF8c

Halloween doll makeup

When we talk about Halloween doll makeup, Annabelle doll is the first name which comes in our mind.

  • Halloween Annabelle Doll

Halloween doll makeup

Have a look at this tutorial- https://youtu.be/lClEepnfe5s

  • Halloween doll

Halloween doll 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/5IwDK79rr3g

Halloween clown makeup

Remember that creepy clown Pennywise from the movie “IT” in 2017? That was the most preferred Halloween makeup looks by the people and was in the top Halloween makeup ideas 2017 list. Clowns today are not just confined to the birthday parties of children but they have gone to another level. And clown based horror movies are one of the biggest reason behind this. This is the reason now you can see a clown more in a Halloween party than in a birthday party. Don’t forget to try these Halloween Nail Art ideas design tutorial.

Get the Halloween clown makeup tutorial here-

  • Pennywise from IT

Halloween clown makeup 2

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/ceTJKXZ2Ytc

  • Easy Halloween clown makeup

Halloween makeup looks

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/yctlw_h254g

Creepy Halloween makeup

Check out these creepy Halloween makeup ideas; these will definitely give Halloween nightmare.

  • Doll with stitches

Creepy Halloween makeup 2

Source- @twistinbangs

  • Gory Halloween makeup

Gory Halloween makeup

Tutorial- https://youtu.be/Ah7bpTpasPM

  • Creepy monster

Creepy monster makeup

  • Skeleton queen

Skeleton queen

Source- @artbybmazz

  • Screaming monster

Screaming monster boy makep

  • Damon


Tutorial- https://youtu.be/Lk7iJthBk6I

  • Gouged- out eye

  • Melting makeup


Source- @mimles

  • Ripped face


Hope you like our collection of Halloween makeup, if you have your own looks ideas, you can tell us below in a comment or send us the picture of your Halloween makeup looks to get the feature here.

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