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Halloween themed Wedding Ideas for a decoration, cake ideas, and invitation templates

Halloween Wedding Cakes, Halloween Wedding Dresses, Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Wedding Ideas for a wedding theme, cake ideas, and invitation templates: Halloween is the third largest celebrated festival in the USA and to take advantage of this festival you can make your wedding in Halloween theme. However, if you are given the responsibility to handle all the decoration then you can also read our other article on Halloween decoration indoor and outside. Cakes are a very important part of the wedding so decorating it in Halloween theme wedding, will add extra fun to it. Therefore, below we have also added the some best Halloween wedding cakes ideas, which you can send to your baker. Next significant thing in Halloween wedding theme is an invitation. So if you will make Halloween themed wedding by inviting guest by our invitation template will be much more fun and look real to attending some ghost or vampire wedding. You can also ask the guest to come in Halloween costumes at the wedding to support the decoration and wedding.

Halloween Themed Wedding ideas
Halloween Themed Wedding ideas

The wedding is something where you look for everything to be so sophisticated. Normally, people marry during the season of spring so that the beauty of nature can add on to their special day. Not only this, people take up themes like Romeo-Juliet, magical story and many more fairy kind of stuffed themes as the wedding is the precious and important function of anyone’s life. So, people want this day to make as special as they could.

Halloween Themed Wedding

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. Selection of wedding theme is the toughest and import decision of all. Instead of fairy tale themes, if you choose Halloween theme, it can really make your wedding different from the others who pick up magical themes as most of the people choose these fancy themes. Halloween wedding theme may not be a conventional theme but now is the most popular one. This theme can turn your wedding to be spookiest and super scary one. Not only this, by keeping theme such as Halloween, you can host the most memorable costume party ever in your life.

Halloween Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake has to be so good that guests become speechless. In every wedding, people look for the cake and that wedding cake has to be somewhat different from the usual ones. Theme based cakes now are in trend. If you go for Halloween theme, your cake should do justice with your wedding theme. Here are some ideas by which you can make your sweet cake look so spooky and scary.

Pixie dust of romance


You can make your wedding cake look beautiful and spooky at the same time. A three-tier simple cake can be made into a scary one. A Halloween themed party is an unconventional theme, and making a wedding cake according to the theme, make it different altogether. You can have a perfect blend of fear and attraction by seeing this cake. Addition of some red flowers made up of fondant indicated romanticism and themed skulls are making it relatable to the rest. Instead of the bridegroom, a skulled structure of bridegroom makes it all.

Raven crow, fear they growhappy_Halloween_Wedding_Cakes

Ravens and rows are symbolically messengers of evil. They are synonymous with all that is dark and spooky. This wedding cake goes well with the Halloween theme as the Halloween is known for being scary and this cake add a plus point for your Halloween theme. This cake is equally creepy in design making it a perfect arrangement for the wedding which is Halloween themed.

Zombie Zombie, fight them togetherHalloween themed Wedding Cake idea

If you are a die heart fan of mission-games, this cake is perfect for you. This cake can make your wedding special as you will be the center of attention not only at the wedding but also at the top of the cake. A three tiered cake can be a symbol of victory against the zombies. This cake is basically simple but after finishing it looks creepy. On the top of the cake, a bridegroom structure, rather a zombie hunter couple is placed. Zombies are placed as if they are leveling up. For blood, red jelly is dropped. Though this cake looks disgustingly creepy, it so delightful when eaten.

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Halloween Wedding Dresses

Halloween brings along a sense of fear and threat in the heart of people. If you are planning to get married during Halloween season, there is nothing better than the theme of Halloween. When you talk about a wedding, the very first that cling to your mind are the dresses or the wedding gown.

Halloween Brides

Halloween brides are the first to caste the magic sell by their black gowns. This is because black colour is the most mysterious and classic for Halloween.

Other than that, you can go for the black and white affair, this would really look elegant. Low cut gowns or black lace dress would make you look more stunning. The beauty of the black color is that it mixes amazingly with any color you wish to wear. You can use any shade to make a colorful accent, but, black and white is the top combo for any wedding.

Halloween Grooms

Apart from usual suits, be it tuxedo or anything else, Grooms can make themselves a proper thematic grooms by adding on something which can make you look more theme centered. You can use accessories such as spooky brooches, ties, bow ties and many more. Vampire teeth when added can make you look more realistic and appreciation is for sure.

Halloween Wedding Invitations

As your theme is so much spooky, you need your wedding invitation cards to be the same. As your wedding is going to take place on Halloween, not only humans, but spooky creatures are going to attend your wedding as well. In order to meet the need of your desired theme, your invitation should be up to the mark. Invitation card tells about the theme that he wedding would be holding. So it is very important to make invitation thematic. Here are some ideas, you can probably look at.

Halloween spider web invitation Halloween_Wedding_Invitations

Spiderweb is often used in decorating our homes during Halloween. It is a common part of it. By making your wedding invitation to that of spider webs, you can make your invitation card more prominent to the theme of your wedding. This invitation rather gatefold only includes the laser cut exterior without envelopes. You can really go for this invitation because it is not that shimmery and is more relevant to the theme.

Invitation from skeleton coupleHalloween_Wedding_Invitations_templates_ideas

This Halloween wedding Invitation comprises of skeleton couple, spider webs and cemetery over an old paper background. Old papers give us a sense of terrifying nostalgia. This invitation is for Halloween bride with a day of Dead design. The invitation is romantic, classy and spooky at the same time. 

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These are some ideas and themes by which you can make your wedding in Halloween a total spooky and awesome. A slightly different theme can make a difference in your wedding making it being remembered for a long time.


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