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Heidi Klum Halloween Dress and Costumes Over the Years

Heidi Klum Halloween: Halloween is one of the most awaited Festivals in various nations across the world. Heidi Klum Halloween dress and costume are always interesting to watch. We will show Halloween Heidi Klum costume 2018 dress here. It is celebrated by a number of countries as a fall festival on 31st October every year.

It is celebrated to honor and give tribute to all the departed souls. On this day people adorn spooky clothes and participate in Halloween parades and in various costume competitions.

Spooky and scary Halloween costumes are an essential element of Halloween festival and are the major attraction of this festival.

Heidi Klum Halloween

Halloween Heidi Klum

Halloween costumes are the only reason for the increasing number of people every year in Halloween parades that are organized in various cities of the world. People show their creativity and don weird Halloween costumes on this day.

When we talk about Halloween costumes, Heidi Klum is the first name that comes to mind. Heidi Klum is known as the ‘Halloween Queen’. No one can beat her Halloween costumes. She is known to through over the top Halloween parties every year and adorns Halloween costumes that nobody has ever thought of.

People take inspiration from her jaw-dropping Halloween costumes she comes up with in her Halloween parties. It is often said that no one can celebrate Halloween better than her.

Those who do not know about Heidi Klum, Let us tell you who she is first?

Who is Heidi Klum????

Heidi Klum was born on 1st June 1973 and is basically a German model, television personality, television producer, fashion designer, singer, businesswoman, author, and actress. But more than this, she is now famous for her love for Halloween.

She started throwing Halloween party when she was 27 in the year 2000. Since then she is hosting her grand Halloween balls every year. She is known for her bizarre and weird Halloween looks. Each year her graph of being outlandish is moving upward.

Heidi Klum Halloween costumes

Here, are some of her Halloween looks from 2000 to 2017. These looks will definitely blow your minds.

2000- Leather Heidi

2001- Lady Godiva

2002- Betty Boop

2003- All Gold

2004- Red Witch

2005- Vampire

2006- Forbidden fruit

2007- Cat

2008- Goddess Kali

2009- Crow

2010- The Superhero

2011- The visible women


2012- Cleopatra

2013- Old Heidi

2014- Butterfly

2015- Jessica Rabbit

2016- Clones

2017- Thriller

These pictures are enough to give you a reason why Heidi Klum deserves this title of ‘Halloween Queen’ or ‘The Queen of Halloween’.

Heidi Klum Halloween 2018

As everybody, she might have planned her outlandish Halloween costume to host the Halloween ball this year.

Her fans have starting guessing her 2018 Halloween costumes. No, matter whatever she dons this year, one thing is clear that her Halloween party will be an extravagant event and her Halloween costume will be stunning and eye-catching.

Have patience and wait till 31st October 2018 to see what Heidi Klum have in her Halloween Costume Trunk for us this Halloween.  We can only expect it to be more happening and bizarre this year.


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