Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes Last Minute Outfit Ideas

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes: For every function, we dress accordingly. Be it a marriage or a party or even a casual meeting. Costumes or dresses are meant for maintaining an impression. In a party, if you dress up in a typical ethnic way, you will be looked as if you have been sent from a different planet. For every event, now, the dress code is being given so as to maintain have to think twice or thrice before deciding upon one thing. This is because, at this festival, your dress should look spooky as well as presentable at the same time.

Here are some quick and easy ways by which you can make your Halloween dress scary without wasting much money.

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas


Halloween costume of the taxidermy is incredible. All you need is cardboard, hair band, and some furry clothes. To make the taxidermy, cut cardboard in that shape and color it well. Facework can be easily done by makeup. To make ears look like deer, take a hair band and cover it with furry clothes giving it a shape of deer’s elongated ears. In this way, your costume is ready and you too are ready to be a deer.


You can be a bat girl too this Halloween. Put on your best black dress and the black hoodie. For making wings, cut a black umbrella into the half. After separation, join it together distantly. After that, attach it to the black hoodie sideways with the help of the needle and a thread. Join it with the sleeves so that wings can easily open and close.


You can be Queen Cleopatra by putting on your any white dress. For jewelry, you may simply use golden paper sheets and even foil wrapping paper, the ones which are used to wrap food. Folding sheets in the shape of bangles can make it look presentable. For headgear, use another piece of sheet and this time, keep it simple. You can attach a netted cloth at the back of your dress.



This is the last minute made up costume. This is the cheapest way to ignite your spark again in this Halloween.

Grab some of your orange and green wearable clothes. Arrange some neon lights. Orange and green lights would work the best. Bend it and shape it accordingly. Once it is done, you are all set for the Halloween.


You can follow a fictional character of “the mask” too. For this, all you have to search for frilled shirt and trouser. Wear it in an old school way. A black round hat and pom can add the best in your costume. Color your face green and then, you are all set to say “trick or treat”.  


Put on your best yellow dress. For this costume, you only need a straw basket filled with lemons. Make a nameplate for yourself, “life” written in it. Now, you have to do is, give the lemons to people walking by. In this way life that is you, gives everyone lemon.



This is the typical theme for Halloween. One of the easiest costume to be made at home. For ghost costume, all you need is white gloves, a white cap, and a white bed sheet. You can wrap the white bed sheet around you. You can even cut the ends of the bed sheet. Put on your white gloves and white cap. A little makeup can add an advantage to your costume.

Scarecrow Halloween Costumes

You can be a scarecrow in a minute.

Put on your nicest dungaree with a checked shirt. Wear a Jute hat and apply some makeup, spooky one though. Keep some dry grass in your hands and go with it.

Paperback Princess

For this costume, what you want is paper bags! Cut it in a shape of a dress and wow, it is done. It is the simplest costume for Halloween.


For this costume, you need 3 pairs of socks and a sweatshirt. Attach 3 socks beside the left side of your sweatshirt and on the right do the same. For enhancing this costume, a headgear can be made. Take a red cap and stick colored papers to make eyes.


For a stick figure, wear any white colored clothes. After that with a black tape, create stick figures on that white costume. You can take a white cardboard and make stick face too.

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